Together, with the power of artificial intelligence and evolution
let's create a metaverse
In the 2D world
In the Internet era, individuals and businesses need a web portal with easy access to bulk image processing capabilities. We offer online image processing tools and API powered by cutting-edge AI technologies for millions of customers.
And more
In an era of information explosion in videos
PicUP.Ai stands behind various industries including education, healthcare, finance, e-commerce, retailing, etc to help them customize videos with various lengths and distribute on popular channels such as TikTok, Youtube, Facebook and many more.
Cartoonized animation
Video recording and editing
In the metaverse
With the fast evolution of internet, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the metaverse is on the horizon and it will enhance both our physical reality and virtual one. It allows everyone to personalize a virtual avatar, thus facilitating more unique and comfortable interaction and collaboration in the virtual world, whether at offices, homes, stores, studios or theaters.